Block Bones have been exhumed from their graves and have made their way to Cardano! 6969 collectibles, featuring unique traits and unrelenting personalities, yearn for a wallet to call their final resting place!


Block Bones’ creators are focused on expansion of the brand. Our job doesn’t end upon mint out- it’s the beginning of our journey to bring as many users as possible to Cardano and Virtual Flame Studios. Our studio originated on the VeChain blockchain and we have achieved great success so far. Our community is 1000+ unique wallets strong and always growing. We plan to introduce as many VeFam members to Cardano as possible with the Block Bones project. This PFP collectible doesn’t promise financial return of any kind, we are simply a collection with the goal of nurturing and growing a community of true degens.

VFS will actively and consistently attend Twitter spaces, seek collaboration / partnerships with quality projects with the intention of gained visibility of Block Bones. VFS will frequently attend crypto and NFT based conferences to represent and grow the Block Bones brand and community. VFS will pursue our own booth with merchandise and other fun engagement tools to draw in new holders consistently. Our vision is beyond a mint out and we are excited to represent the Block Bones community on a daily basis to connect as many Web 3 users as possible. Cardano is an amazing blockchain and houses an amazing community. We are ecstatic to participate in the early days of Cardano NFTs and community growth. Block Bones holders will have a voice in the direction of our studio and we vouch to pursue all reasonable ideas you bring forward for the betterment of the brand.


Just join our discord and visit the “Cardano Wallet Registration” channel and follow the prompts. Once you successfully register, you will receive a unique role and icon for verification. VFS is beyond excited to see you on mint day!

  • Public Mint: October 29, 2022 (15₳) – SOLD OUT



Block Bones will be a collection of 6,969 NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain

October 29, 2022

Rarity will be available on
Block Bones will be available for purchase on

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